The Math That Enables Asymmetric Key Cryptography

The Problem Let’s examine how it’s possible for your web browser to establish an encrypted communication channel with your bank’s website. Obviously you don’t want a malicious party to intercept your personal information (such as your password, account number, social security number, etc) as it’s transmitted to and from your web browser and the bank’s web server. When you opened an account the bank did not provide you with a secret decoder ring. So how does your web browser know how to decrypt data transmitted by the bank’s web server? And how does the bank’s web server know how to […]

Launching My Programming Blog

I’ve decided to start a blog devoted to programming topics. I’ve been writing code since I was nine years old, when my father bought an Apple IIe computer and I discovered it could be made to perform tasks using a language named “Basic.” I’m now 44 years old, so this blog is way overdue. My feelings of delinquency (how have I not started this yet?), along with reasons stated in the sidebar to the right (below on a phone), are the impetus for me to blog about software and the joy of programming. In addition to writing code, I will […]