Automatically Log All SQL Commands

Over the last two days I’ve written code that automatically logs all SQL commands (database queries, invocations of stored procedures, etc) in MadPoker, my reference application. If you wish to skip the backstory, go directly to the solution. Reference Application What do I mean by “reference application”? I intend to spend time in the near future learning AngularJS, the client-side JavaScript framework used by my new employer. I’ve always been stronger on server-side development, so I’m excited to improve my client-side programming skills. I plan to write code to convince myself I understand AngularJS concepts and syntax as I read […]

Launching My Programming Blog

I’ve decided to start a blog devoted to programming topics. I’ve been writing code since I was nine years old, when my father bought an Apple IIe computer and I discovered it could be made to perform tasks using a language named “Basic.” I’m now 44 years old, so this blog is way overdue. My feelings of delinquency (how have I not started this yet?), along with reasons stated in the sidebar to the right (below on a phone), are the impetus for me to blog about software and the joy of programming. In addition to writing code, I will […]