An Async Lambda Compiler Error Where VB Outsmarts C#

Stunned I have encountered a scenario where the VB compiler outsmarts the C# compiler. I am stunned by this. C# is the far superior programming language. But I’ve done a lot of testing and am convinced it’s true. Stumped Month ago, while working on C# code for my Leaderless Replication post, I ran into a compiler error I did not understand. My mental compiler- as opposed to Microsoft’s C# compiler- concluded all the types were correct and the code should compile. I could not figure out what was incorrect about the code. I accepted my code was wrong- I’m not […]

Extending Dapper’s ORM Multi-Mapping Capabilities

Since I last posted, my wife and I have bought a new home, moved, sold our previous home, and ran the Chicago marathon. All while getting up the learning curve and taking on more responsibility at our new jobs (both started in June). Needless to say, I’ve had no time for tech blogging. Until now. OK, let’s get to it: Dapper is a great micro-ORM library. It’s simple and highly performant. I love its Multi-Mapping feature, which simplifies mapping columns from a SQL result set into multiple object types. It has an annoyance though: The lambda method provided by the […]

The Inherent Conflict Between Bohemian and Militaristic Time Management

My wife and I are training for the Chicago Marathon. My wife has run more than 25 marathons and is fast enough to qualify for Boston- once in 2009 and again last year. She and I have run the Chicago marathon the last three years. I’m quite proud of having completed the marathon three years in a row (26.2 miles is no joke!) but I’m not really in the same league as her. Man, I was suffering for my sins this morning. I had cheated myself of sleep this week and the long distance running Gods noticed (they always do) […]

Hello World, Poker Style

I have updated my reference application with code that evaluates Texas Hold ‘Em poker hands. I had written the poker logic a few months ago. Recently, I moved it into a class library and service in order to validate my ASP.NET Core MVC + SOA Architecture. This project is a long way from a functioning poker application that enables users to play Texas Hold ‘Em against artificial intelligence “bots”- my ultimate goal. But it’s a fun start. Evaluating poker hands certainly is more entertaining than confirming a “Hello World” message sent through an SOA stack appears at the other end […]

Selling the Code In

Below is an email I sent to my father almost ten years ago to the day. I found it in my OneNote notebook (where I keep many emails and other missives) and thought it was on-topic for this programming blog. I wrote the email in response to an Op-Ed written by Michael Osinski, published in the New York Times under the headline, Steal This Code. My Dad thought it was interesting and suggested I read it. Fri 2009 Jul 17 Hi Dad, I think it’s outrageous what Goldman Sachs has done to our economy. The whole enterprise of inventing virtual […]