Searchable Source Code in WordPress

I embed source code in blog posts using GitHub Gists. Gists provide provide many benefits, including a live view of the code (update code in Gist, code is updated in blog post), syntax highlighting, line numbers (useful if readers have questions or comments about the code), scroll bars, and links to access source code in GitHub repository or the raw plaintext code. One problem that occurs when embedding source code via Gists is the code is not indexed by the WordPress search engine. Therefore, searching for a class name or namespace will not find all blog posts that reference the […]

Modifying This Blog’s WordPress Theme

I decided to host my blog using WordPress for a few reasons. Mainly because it’s mature (read “debugged”) and feature-rich. However, the most important reason may be because it’s written in PHP and I hate PHP. It’s such an unstructured, inconsistent mess. Because I hate PHP, I won’t be tempted to tinker with the code that runs my blog. I’ll focus more on the content I write for my blog, which is the entire point of blogging. That, and to focus on the thought process necessary to conceive of and produce interesting, clearly-written content. Most everything I want to customize […]