Async Producer / Consumer Pipeline

In my previous post I mentioned I wrote what I call an async producer / consumer pipeline. I described in detail a compiler error I encountered in my initial efforts, and how I resolved the error, but did not share or discuss the actual pipeline code. I focused on how the VB language, generally regarded as less capable and elegant than the C# language, supported a syntax of defining and immediately invoking a lambda expression, while the C# language did not support the syntax. This syntax is well known to JavaScript developers as an Immediately Invoked Function Expression, or IIFE. […]

An Async Lambda Compiler Error Where VB Outsmarts C#

Stunned I have encountered a scenario where the VB compiler outsmarts the C# compiler. I am stunned by this. C# is the far superior programming language. But I’ve done a lot of testing and am convinced it’s true. Stumped Month ago, while working on C# code for my Leaderless Replication post, I ran into a compiler error I did not understand. My mental compiler- as opposed to Microsoft’s C# compiler- concluded all the types were correct and the code should compile. I could not figure out what was incorrect about the code. I accepted my code was wrong- I’m not […]