Programming Pearls : Sorting Phone Numbers

Revisiting a Classic Book I’m re-reading Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley. I read this book within a year or two of its release, early in my career. That was 16 or 17 years ago. I remember enjoying it greatly. It opened my eyes to the critical importance of selecting optimal data structures and algorithms when designing solutions to programming problems. The author advocates for deliberation prior to putting hands on the keyboard. Re-reading the book now as a more experienced (and I would hope wiser) programmer, I’m reminded of a quote from Linus Torvalds. What Jon Bentley states in elegant […]

Searchable Source Code in WordPress

I embed source code in blog posts using GitHub Gists. Gists provide provide many benefits, including a live view of the code (update code in Gist, code is updated in blog post), syntax highlighting, line numbers (useful if readers have questions or comments about the code), scroll bars, and links to access source code in GitHub repository or the raw plaintext code. One problem that occurs when embedding source code via Gists is the code is not indexed by the WordPress search engine. Therefore, searching for a class name or namespace will not find all blog posts that reference the […]

Revert Visual Studio 2019 Syntax Highlighting Colors to 2017 Colors

Years ago there was a TV news anchor in Chicago that had a habit of emphasizing every single WORD! I was annoyed by her delivery because, of course, emphasizing every word is the same as emphasizing no words. Only much more tedious. I feel Visual Studio 2019 commits the same sin with its additional syntax highlighting colors. I’m sorry, that’s just too many words emphasized with too many colors. Visual Studio provides numerous ways to determine syntactical meaning of code words, such as a tooltip window that appears when hovering the mouse cursor over a word, F12 navigation to variable […]

My ASP.NET Core MVC + SOA Architecture

Architecture Diagram Having adopted .NET Core while it was in beta and using it to implement numerous projects over the last three years, I’ve settled on an MVC + SOA architecture. I say settled because I don’t know if I can claim to have developed it. I don’t how original it is. Anyhow, this is the architecture I use in my projects. Below the diagram I define terms and describe the principles of my architecture. Click diagram to download PowerPoint source. Terminology MVC Model View Controller SOA Service Oriented Architecture AJAX Asynchronous Javascript and XML. More accurate would be AJAJ […]