Encrypting a File

Previous Efforts Back in February, I decided it was time to demystify the black box of secure Internet communications. I have been a professional programmer too long to continue carrying a hazy understanding of how web browsers and servers communicate securely. I wanted to remove HTTPS / SSL / TLS from the realm of magic and place it in the realm of the known and understood– a computer algorithm implemented in C# code. So I researched the topic, learned the underlying mathematics, wrote code to prove the theory actually works in practice, then wrote three blog posts explaining what I […]

Awkwardly Phrased Book Blurb

My father has taught me to appreciate language and the precise meaning of words. Steve Martin put it best when he declared: “Some people have a way with words, and other people…oh, uh, not have way.” An example of the latter immediately jumped off the page and grabbed my attention the other night. I had received The Effective Engineer in the mail. I read a review of the book on Henrik Warne’s programming blog, which I recently subscribed to and highly recommend. So I ordered the book. Looking at the back cover, I read the following blurb written by an […]